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Leaving a Legacy

Here at Centric Capital, we know there are a lot of ways to plan for the future: You save and invest for your retirement, you buy life insurance to protect and provide for your family, you put money away to provide for your children’s education, and you create a will to pass on your assets to the ones you love. But if you want to protect and control your assets after your life, you may want to consider a trust.

Most people leave some or all of their assets to their spouse, but what happens if your spouse remarries? How do you guarantee that your life’s assets will go to your heirs and not to the heirs of the new spouse? You create a trust.

If you want to spread your children’s inheritance out over a number of years so they’re not tempted to spend it all at once, you can do it with a trust.

How do you dedicate a portion of your estate to pay for your grandchildren’s education? Or even the education of your great-grandchildren? You can in a trust.

When you place your assets in a trust, you establish the rules about how those assets will be managed. You determine who gets what, and when; and how they get it, and even why.

Plus certain trusts may provide your estate with attractive tax benefits.

A properly chosen trustee: a person who is responsible for ensuring your rules are followed and your wishes are carried out.

If you’d like to learn more about trusts, please download our whitepaper. If you feel so inclined, let’s set up a consultation and talk about how a trust can create a lasting legacy for the ones you love the most.