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Customized Comprehensive Financial Planning

 We believe in mutual trust and understanding, so here at Centric Capital Advisors, we have a transparent fee-only compensation structure. It is based on percentages of your net worth and/or the assets under advisement. This fee-based form of compensation removes potential conflicts of interest and gives us yet another incentive to grow your assets.  

Advisory Fee Retainer

 Comprehensive financial plans begin at $7,500 which covers services for 12 months. Included is use of WealthCenter, as well as access to our on-staff Certified Financial Planner™. Also included are spend tracking and budgeting tools, an online vault for safe storage of key documents, and a library of educational resources for your perusal. 

Assets Under Advisement

 Investment Management clients receive ongoing investment management and continued financial planning services through WealthCenter. Fees are based on the balance of the investment account(s) within the household under management at the end of each quarter. The payment brackets for this service are as follows: 

1.50% on the first $1,000,000

1.00% on the next $5,000,000

0.75% on the next $10,000,000

.60% on the remaining balance

Percentage of Net Worth Retainer

 Some clients choose to receive ongoing financial planning services for a fee derived from a percentage of their net worth. This too includes full access to WealthCenter. Fees are based on the net worth calculated at the end of each quarter and are billed directly to the client at that time. The payment brackets for this service are as follows: 

0.75% on the first $3,000,000

0.45% on the next $10,000,000

0.35% on the next $15,000,000

0.25% on the remaining balance