What We Do

Financial Planning

Unique financial planning provides direction and meaning to your life’s endeavors. It allows you to understand how the financial decisions you make affect other areas of your life.

We take a “big picture” view of your financial situation and make financial planning recommendations that are suitable for your situation. It is the big picture approach to your financial goals that sets us apart from other financial advisors who may have been trained to focus on a narrow aspect of your finances.

Our knowledge and experience across all of the disciplines of financial planning makes us a truly holistic planning practice. 

Wealth Transfer

The protection and transfer of your wealth can be complex and requires careful planning. Centric Capital Advisors has 40 years of experience working with multi-generational families on transferring wealth to future generations. We incorporate tax efficient gifting and asset sale programs, trust design, charitable giving and countless other strategies to meet your goals.

 Some of the services we can provide include:

  • Asset Protection Planning
  • Wealth Replacement Trust
  • Dynasty Trust and Maximized Gifts
  • Charitable Lead Annuity Trust (CLAT)
  • Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT)
  • Charitable Remainder UniTrust (CRUT)
  • Grantor Retained Annuity Trust (GRAT)
  • Discount Valuation and Gifting Strategies
  • Discount Valuation and Asset Sales Strategies



Trusts should be drafted by an attorney familiar with such matters in order to take into account income, gift and estate tax laws (including generation skipping transfer tax). Failure to do so could result in adverse tax treatment of trust proceeds.

Retirement Planning

We are all living longer, and planning for a longer retirement is a critical step during our working years. With uncertainty over taxes and investments, retirement planning can be tricky. The professionals at Centric Capital Advisors have the knowledge and tools to help you take the steps to create a stronger financial future.

Executive Benefits

We can design benefit plans that address the retirement savings gap confronting most of today’s higher-earning executives, helping them achieve their individual goals. As a strategic benefits partner, we also take the long view when it comes to the financial health of our clients at every level of their business.

Longevity Planning

Outliving our retirement assets and/or exposing them to erosion by escalating healthcare and long term care costs is on the forefront of most pre-retiree’s minds. Centric Capital Advisors is positioned to help our clients analyze and plan appropriately for a secure lifespan.

Customized Institutional Quality Investment Management

The professionals at Centric Capital Advisors help individuals and families achieve their life goals through prudent investment management. We build customized institutional quality portfolios with affordable fees for everyday people.  This means you'll find our investment management to be comparable with what large institutions such as pensions, endowments, and foundations receive. 

Business & Succession Planning

Your business is more than a job. It’s a part of you as much as you are a part of it. Centric Capital Advisors is here to help you leave a lasting legacy and ensure your business blossoms in the future with your vision. From setting up a solid structure for a seamless transition, to contingencies management and techniques to help mitigate estate taxes, our expertise can advise you on the many facets of business succession planning.

Life Insurance Management

A. Life Insurance Portfolio Management

Life insurance is an asset in a family or business and should be reviewed and monitored like all other assets. Centric Capital Advisors assists you and your advisors with the management, analysis and servicing of large trust-owned life insurance portfolios. We regularly review your portfolios from both a structural and economic perspective. Through our efforts, our clients can take advantage of the certainty and leverage that life insurance adds to their overall portfolio.


B. Advanced Life Insurance Design

We have over 40 years of experience designing, constructing, and implementing unique life insurance strategies. Our consultative approach and technical expertise has made us a quiet leader in the market.

We go beyond traditional life insurance offerings and are involved in the design and implementation of highly sophisticated techniques. Our technical analysts and affiliate legal professionals are constantly scouring the market and conducting in-depth research to find the best possible solutions and opportunities for you.


Some of the services we can provide:

  • Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust
  • Split-Dollar Funding
  • Leveraged Planning Concepts (Premium Financing)
  • Dynasty Trust and Maximized Gifts
  • Asset Protection Planning
  • Life Settlements
  • International & Non-US Citizen Expertise



Trusts should be drafted by an attorney familiar with such matters in order to take into account income, gift and estate tax laws (including generation skipping transfer tax). Failure to do so could result in adverse tax treatment of trust proceeds.

Split dollar agreements are complex and involve tax and legal considerations. Please consult with appropriate counsel before entering into such an arrangement.


Charitable Planning

Knowing what and when to give is an essential part of estate planning. Many Americans still give to their favorite charities with cash - the least efficient strategy. Our team has the expertise and experience needed to deal with the complexities that come when incorporating philanthropic endeavors into your financial and estate plan. Our solutions will help you discover methods of giving that maximize the value both you and the charities receive.



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