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Global & International Investing: What's the Difference?

Here at Centric Capital we find it important to provide our clients with the most cutting edge investment opportunities. The options to invest overseas is one to consider when assessing this investment selection.

A broad range of investment opportunities exist outside the US borders. In fact, international stock markets now comprise about 60% of the world’s capitalization. Investors who want to diversify their fund portfolios may choose a global fund or an international fund. What is the difference?

International funds invest in non-US markets. Global funds may invest in US stocks alongside non-US stocks. What are the advantages and challenges of each.

Global funds offer the latitude of moving between US and non-US markets in order to take advantage of relative opportunity. The challenge is that the investor may or may not know his or her exposure to any given market or region at any given time.

DOWNLOAD: "Global & International Investing: The World is at Your Doorstep"

International funds tend to work for investors who are looking to allocate a portion of their investments outside of the US market.

As you consider a global or international fund, be aware of the fund’s approach to the inherent currency risks may affect portfolio performance. There is a lot to consider when evaluating investment choices.

If you would like to learn more about global and international investments, please feel free to download our whitepaper or schedule a consultation where we would be happy to explain these options more.