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What the U.S. Imports from Mexico

The Trump administration has proposed a 20% tariff on imported products from Mexico in order to better balance the trade deficit with the country. Some argue that imposing such a tariff would make certain imported products more expensive for American consumers.

The U.S. imported over $21 billion worth of vehicles from Mexico in 2016, with auto parts accounting for the single largest type of product imported from Mexico valued at over $51 billion in 2016, making the automotive industry an integral component of trade with Mexico. Interestingly enough, exports headed from the U.S. to Mexico are primarily for use in the automotive industry, with machinery, fuels, and plastics making up the largest portions.

Agricultural and food products imported from Mexico, such as tomatoes and beer, totaled over $21 billion in 2015, the most recent data available.

Sources: Dept. of Commerce, BLS