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July 2016

A Note From The TeamRoger-Davis-Headshot.jpg

Here at Centric Capital Advisors, we are making some exciting changes that will be of great value to our clients going forward. Our newsletter has a fresh new look, geared towards delivering to you timely and topical information as efficiently as possible. Our in-depth newsletter is separated into links by section below, please take a look at your convenience.

We have a new partner, Roger C. Davis, Principal, Centric Capital Advisors, Inc.  Roger has over 20 years’ experience in the industry having served as Senior Vice President at UBS and Principal of Woodridge Investment.  He has been responsible for a portfolio of over $200 Million in client assets.  We know you will enjoy meeting Roger, as we introduce him to our CCA clientele. He also has published Wall Street’s Just Not That Into You: An Insider’s Guide to Protecting and Growing Wealth (Bibliomotion, 2015). Take a look at this great handbook for managing the ups and downs of the market!

We will be changing custodians immediately from Fidelity to First Clearing, a subsidiary of Wells Fargo. Our First Clearing relationship will allow us to access additional services that our clients have been asking us to provide. 


Please take a look at our in-depth newsletter here: